2023 ELECTION!! Should We Support Tinubu And Forget Lekki 2020?


Should we really forget about what happened at Lekki Toll Gate in 2022 because Asiwaju is from South West?

It’s nearly two years since the Lekki Massacre event, have we all forgotten? 

I’m not a politician and I support nobody coming 2023, so whoever gets to the spot will be welcome if that’s what most of us want.

So Why Bringing Tinubu To This Topic?

It’s so sad that Nigerians precisely the youth quick to forget things, we have already moved on from our wounds. So many youths are already anticipating the Tinubu as our new president. 

Have you guys got an answer to the almighty question we have been keen to know in the past few years?

“Who orders the shooting?”

No one is ready to take the responsibility, even soldiers denied attending the scene that night. I can still remember their social media handler post fake news to debunk every news on that issue.

Why are we attaching ethnicity to this? Why are some saying Tinubu should be the one we should all support so as to overthrow the Northerner blah blah blah?

Like seriously?? You guys fit forgive and forget sha but to me ooo. Hell NO!

I will leave this topic over to you all, I wanna know your say about it.

Should We Just Support Tinubu And Forget Lekki 2020 Because He’s From South West?

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