Actor Uche Odoputa in tears as father still missing four months after abducted

Nigerian actor, Uche Odoputa has revealed that his father is still missing four months after he was abducted by unknown gunmen.

The actor currently based in The United Kingdom via his Instagram page revealed that his state government is not doing anything about the insecurity the people are subjected to.

Odoputa shared a photo of his father and expressed his pains. He wrote: ” It’s really very sad 😔 and heartbreaking 💔 how under the watch of one Government my state “Imo” has lost more person’s now then we ever did during the civil war 😢 including my father Mr Kenneth odoputa who has been taking away for 4 months now 😢 💔 without any information Dead/Alive and no one is saying anything about it hmmm #prayerforImostate.”

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