Actress Tawa Ajisefnni vow to place curse on her husband if he ever cheat on her

Nigerian actress Tawa Ajisefini issued a stern warning to her husband, Mayor Alli.

Tawa Ajisefini says that she has never slept with any man in her life except her husband and he is the one that disvirgined her, so if he cheats on her, she will hold the holy Quran and use Adabi to place a curse on him.

In her word, she said:


“My husband is the only man that has ever slept with me on earth but if he betrays or cheats on me tomorrow I will call ‘adabi’ on him’. The only man I have ever known is my man, but a lot of men are animals, and because he deflowered me doesn’t mean that he won’t go out and cheat, he won’t remember that he disvirgined me, but when he does, I will use my Quaran and call Adabi and call God of vengeance, God, you told me not to prostitute or defile my marital vows and I am loyal so let my head will fight against Mr. Ali when he chooses to betray me. I love him with all my heart but if he cheats, I will call Adabi for him”

Watch the video below:

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