Adorable moment Nigerian mother joined her daughter to do the “Kelly Dance” (WATCH)


In the past few weeks, there seems to be an endemic on Nigerian social media after a chunk of Nigerian men decided to indepthly express their love for Togolese TikTok content creator, Kelly whose seductive dance moves seems to excite a lot of Nigerian men.

After the Togolese TikToker went viral on Nigerian social media, her provocative dance videos seems to have triggered a bunch of Nigerian ladies who jumped on the viral sound, just to show that what Kelly can do, they can do better.

And while there’s been a lot of submissions from these ladies for men to choose from, to see if they meet “Kelly’s standards”, this submission by a young lady featuring her mother has left a chuckle on the face of netizens.

The young lady is seen in the video participating in the viral TikTok trend when her mom passed by her side and knowing what her daughter was on about, she at the very last moment, decided to join in.

In the video a lot have found to be rather hilarious, the mother is seen shaking her backside too, just as her daughter was about to conclude making the video.

Watch as you scroll,

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