Any Guy WhoShows Off His Achievement Is The Same As A Girl Exposing Her Body Online – Stanley Nweze Says

Actor Stanley Nweze has claimed that any man who shows off his achievements online is the same as a lady who exposes her body because you are both looking for the same thing.

Almost everyone is looking for attention on the gram so they end up posting anything they think will give them the attention they desire and Stanley Nweze reacting to that has said there’s no difference between those who post their achievements and those who expose their bodies.

According to him, any guy who posts his achievements and shows off his money online is the same as a girl exposing her body online because you both are seeking attention and will always get the wrong one therefore, there’s no difference between you two for him.

Stanley Nweze might have a point but some people will argue that the guy posting his wealth and achievements is doing it to encourage the young ones to work hard but the lady isn’t but he’s right that they all are just seeking attention with their posts.

Screenshot below;

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