Are you my girlfriend? – Man demands verbal confirmation from his woman before allowing her into his car (Video)

A Nigerian man has shared a playful video showing the moment he confirmed from his woman that she is his girlfriend.

The guy was set to go out when she asked him to drop her along the road, he then decided to demand a verbal confirmation from her by asking a direct question.

He got into his car ad said that she would not be allowed to enter unless she admits on camera that she is his girlfriend.

When she questioned his decision to film her, the man explained that he needed proof incase she wanted to deny that they were dating at any point in the future.

”Are you my girlfriend? Yes or No?” he asked.

The lady hesitated and tried to evade giving a response, but he kept repeating the question as she delayed.

She asked him to open the car for her to enter but he refused and that it is only his girlfriend that’s allowed to stay in the front seat.

After some moments of delay and acting coy, she eventually said yes, while her man noted that he would have left her to trek if she did not give a positive response.

Interestingly, as the man was probing his woman outside their compound, someone could be seen behind her peeping through a hole in the gate.

Watch the video below:

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