Few days after Islamic Cleric tells him to stop promoting alcohol, Femi Adebayo bagged new endorsement deal with a whiskey company

Nigerian actor Femi Adebayo has bagged a new endorsement deal with a Whiskey company, a few days after Islamic cleric, Shaykh Amir Ajala tells him to stop promoting alcohol.

Timeofgist reported earlier that Shaykh Amir Ajala urged Femi Adebayo as a Muslim to stop promoting alcohol.

Shaykh Amir Ajala said Femi Adebayo was seen in the Holy city Mecca a few days ago but back home he’s promoting alcohol which God forbade.

Femi Adebayo who is a brand ambassador for Trophy Lager Beer recently sign another deal with a Whiskey company.

Announcing the good news, he wrote:

Month of July ending on a promising note.

Glad to join the @kubanahwhisky family as a brand ambassador.

Many of his Friends, family, and fans have congratulated him as he bagged a new ambassadorial deal.

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