God will bless you with good husband – Actress, Mary Lazarus receives prayers from nephews after giving them money

Actress Mary Lazarus has shared with us what her nephew prayed for after she gifted him some money for passing his exams and we wonder why that particular request.

Mary Lazurus shared the video of her nephew praying that God should give her a good husband and that makes us question why such a prayer and whether getting a husband as a woman is everything that almost everyone gets to pray for.

According to Mary Lazarus, when you buy anything for her nephews, they end up praying that God should give her a good husband as if getting married is all that matters to them but having a husband isn’t everything a woman needs in her life.

Getting married is good and also to a good husband is absolutely perfect making it seem like all a woman needs in life is a man makes it wrong and that’s what Mary Lazarus’s nephews have been doing every day she gives them something.

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