I Brought Him From Village To Run My Business But He Stole All My Money – Man Declares His Brother Wanted

A distraught man has taken to social media to state that his brother is sought on suspicion of stealing N5.8 million. (Five million eight hundred thousand Nigerian Naira)

He said that he brought his sibling from their town in Iboko to help him run his POS business; he also shared an image of his brother.

The individual claimed that he was called to help out in 2020 when his sibling completed his WAEC.

While sharing an image of the suspect, he wrote:

“This is my younger brother, That I bring from village, iboko to be precised after his WAEC 2020 I ask him to come and stay with me and manage my business but he decided to make my life useless….

He left my house early morning and went to my shop and transferred all the money I have in my 4 POS mechine to 4 different account and he collected some cash that was available.

Because I put him in charge of my business including my POS and he knows all the pos pin code.. Out of that 5.8 million that was stolen from me by my blood brother 3.8 million It’s not my money, it’s my friends money who stays in Dubai.. My friend gave me that money out of trust..what will I tell my friend now..

All because I wanted to help my own blood brother… With the current situation of Nigeria now…what am I going to do now…?

His phone number is switched off and no where to be found… I put him in charge of everything and he knows all the pos pin…he transferred all the money from inside pos to different account and take the cash that was.”

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