I didn’t attend university, says man who turned his Toyota to Rolls Royce Sweptail

A Nigerian businessman known as Nonso Offor went viral earlier this year after he executed a rarely done vehicle conversion.

The young man converted his Toyota Venza to a luxury Rolls Royce Sweptail and it was a beauty to behold.

He recently shared some details about his past in a chat with Legit and recalled how he made the car.

According to Nonso, who single-handedly refurbished the car, everything in his Venza turned Range River was handmade.

The 35-year old also revealed that it took him six months to complete the upgrade and it was from a dream that he got the inspiration to refurbish the whip.

He said: “Everything (the refurbished car) you see there is handmade. it is like I removed the body of Venza and put the body of Rolls Royce Phantom Sweptail. I made it myself. The only thing used from the Toyota Venza is its engine. I did everything by myself.

“It is God that inspired the refurbishment. Whenever I sleep, I dream about cars. I see how to do cars and many other things in my dream. I would be seeing the cars I have not seen before in my dream.”

Nonso also said that he did not go to the university, but added that a lack of formal education doesn’t take away his ingenuity.

“I stopped in secondary school. I didn’t go to the university. Everything is all about God. It is destiny. It is God that showed me everything in my dream. This one is not all about university. It is who you are,” he said.

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