I Didn’t Take A Break From Nollywood Voluntarily, Producers Probably Shunned Me- Tony Umez


Actor Tony Umez has clarified that contrary to the perception he took a break from Nollywood to concentrate on other facets of his life, he never bowed out of the industry voluntary.

He said producers altered the method of their casting and that affected him as they probably prefered younger and fresh faces so they ended up shoving him into obscurity.

He said this in an interview with Ebuka on the TV programme, “Rubbin’ Minds. Tony who seems to have aged considerably also spoke about a wide array of issues concerning the industry.

Meanwhile the death of singer Michael Aboh of Zule Zoo fame has been announced on social media by his partner who formed the music duo with him.

He reportedly collapsed and died this morning while bathing. The late Micahel was a member of Zule Zoo a musical group which he formed with Al-Hassan Ibrahim.

They became a household name in the early 2000s via their hit song ‘Kerewa,’ which was later banned by the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission, NBC for obscene content.

His partner, Al-Hassan Ibrahim broke the news by writing:

It is so sad and quick to say after our long run together in this life to live a better life coming short for you… My brother collapsed why taking his bath this morning and now My Michael is no more🥲

🥲🥲🥹 Tears has behold my eyes and my hands are shaking as I can’t hide the fact that you’ve passed on on this day😭😭😭

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