I Have Not Been Able To Eat For Days – Comedienne Lizzy Jay Cries Out For Help Over Spiritual Crisis


The actress resorted to social media to express her dissatisfaction with her inability to eat, claiming that she generally eats a lot and is only unable to eat when she has a spiritual difficulty.

Even if she is in the midst of a tribulation, Lizzy Jay claims that she will eat, and nothing will stop her from doing so but for some days now she is not able to eat due to a lack of appetite and it is a great concern to her.

In a video shared online, Lizzy Jay begged everyone she may have wronged who had done something spiritually to stop her from eating to forgive her and free her from the enslavement she had found herself in.

“Please pray for me 🙏

🙏…I can’t eat 😫 😩” she captioned the post.

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