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“It is more important to be respected than to be liked” – Burna Boy’s mum, Bose Ogulu advises women (Video)


Businesswoman, mom and manager of Grammy-Award-winning singer, Burna BoyBose Ogulu speaks to women in a recent chat.

Burna Bose Ogulu respected

Bose Ogulu recently had a chat with media personality, Latasha Ngwube, where she dished some profound words of advice to women in Nigeria.

In her words, she commended them about carrying themselves the way they want to be treated by anyone. She made them understand that they are not objects and should refrain from seeing themselves as one.

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Instead, they should strive to be respected than liked because it is more important to do so.

In her words;

”Carry yourself the way you want to be treated. If you make yourself an object, you’ll be treated like one.

Let people know there is a brain between your ears, when they do, they may be uncomfortable around you, but they will respect you.

It is more important to be respected than liked.

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Be competent at what you decide to do.
Learn competence in something, before you do it.

Shut Up, when you don’t know what people are talking about, (* that should be a prerequisite for all Twitter users before logging on) have the loudest voice when you do know.”

Watch a clip from the interview below:

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