It’s The Second Time – Timi Dakolo Reacts Furiously As APC Uses His Song Without Consent During Primary Elections


On Tuesday, his hit song, Great Nation, was performed at the ruling party’s presidential primary.

Reacting, Segun Awosanya, a human rights activist tagged Timi asking if they been paid for the song which was played during the convention.

He wrote;

“My brother @timidakolo I hope them don pay us for this song wey them dey play for APC convention so? 🤔

 #GreatNation 🇳🇬.”

Responding, Timi wrote:

“Why use an artist song without their permission in a rally or campaign? The things people get away with in this country called Nigeria. Actually this is the second time.”

About a month ago, Singer Timi Dakolo shared his realization that they have been lied to for a long time, they never got to know the truth about money.

According to him, the popular maxim “money is the root of all evil” has become one of the biggest lies, men of God stressed until people couldn’t believe anything else.

He believes clergymen for many years have seen the drive for money as an ungodly thing.

Posting via his Twitter handle, Timi wrote;

”One of the biggest lies we weere taught was that“money is the root of all evil”. And people we looked up to as the mouth piece of God screamed it repeatedly until it stuck in people’s mind.They saw the drive to want and Chase money as evil. So many people settled.”

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