Little girl refuses to call stepfather ‘daddy’, says her real dad is in jail (Video)

A little girl has been captured on tape refusing to refer to her mother’s new husband as her father.

In a video making the rounds online, the bold kid stated that the man is not her daddy, adding that her real father is in jail.

She spoke during a brief interaction with her mother, just as her stepdad was helping to fix her bicycle.

The girl was watching her stepdad as he working on the bicycle, and it melted the mother’s heart so much that she gushed saying; ”Awww, look at daddy.”

In swift response, the kid said with a frown that the man was not her daddy. She went on to say her real daddy is in jail, and she misses him.

“He is not my daddy. My daddy is in jail and I miss him”, the little girl said. After hearing what she said, the man threw away the bicycle.

The stepdad made a reference to the man being in jail and retorted; ‘‘That’s why he’s never getting out”

Watch the video below:

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