Moment Angry Lecturer Chased Upcoming Artiste And Manager Out Of Class For Late-Coming

Many people are still reeling from laughing both online and offline over a dramatic incident involving a lecturer and a student who also happens to be a budding musician.

The lecturer lambasted the musician and his manager, who are both in the same class, in a video that has gone viral.

The lecturer was enraged because it was discovered that they arrived late for class and casually left during the lecture.

He instructed them to rise up and sternly advised them not to return to his class because he would never want to see them again.

The musician and his management were then yelled at aggressively to leave the class immediately by the man.

Don’t let me ever see you in my class again,’‘ he roared.

The singer who had his hair braided stayed standing and appeared reluctant to leave, but his manager left as soon as their lecturer gave the signal to do so.

The drama was being recorded by another student, who could be heard mocking the whole thing.

Lectuer don dey abuse upcoming artiste ooo”, the classmate said.

Watch the video below:

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