“My daughter is now an actress” Laide Bakare overjoyed as her daughter featured in a movie

Laide Bakare, a Nigerian actress, expressed her happiness when her 13-year-old daughter appeared in one of her films.

Laide Bakare shared a video of her daughter Simi on a movie set to express her happiness at seeing her in a leading role.

Sharing a video, she wrote:

Just Because you are A drama Queen decided to cast you in #kishiiandkiyee the masterpiece by the Master herself, so fulfilling Directing my Boss @simlineboss on this set, can’t wait to share with you soon. Premiering for the first time in CANADA  on the 10th of September 2022. CANADA get ready. Produced by @kuddydollarbeautyempire Directed by @laide.bakarehub cc @petersijagbemi @bakarezhainab @abcam9

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