“My hands are paining me” Maraji seeks parental advice as she shares a cute photo of her son


“My hands are paining me” Maraji seeks parental advice as she shares a cute photo of her son 2

“My hands are paining me” Maraji seeks parental advice

Maraji took to her verified Instagram page to comment on her son’s growing weight while also lamenting the pains her hands suffered to carry him.

She sought the advice of experienced mothers and her fans on how to place a baby on a diet.

She wrote: How do you put a baby on a diet please ( MY HANDS ARE PAINING ME )

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Wofaifada, Steve Chuks, and Yvonne Okoro, among other numerous fans of Maraji, reacted to her statement.

Many gushed about the cuteness of Maraji’s son, while some offered funny tips on how to keep the baby fit.

lateefaah_l: We are plenty on this table oooo. I Dey fine baby fitness instructor

booboo.ng: This baby be like who wan diet to you??you better bring that bress milk

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sophia.odiase: He’s beautiful. God bless his heart!

cicidammy: He dey even do buga won challenge

mhophe: My baby!!! The cutest!

tekemz: So beautiful

Maraji wrote alongside a photo of her cuddling her baby, “Things I didn’t know about motherhood. I’ll have to trade my sleep, babies want to be held all the time (so putting them down to sleep successfully is a skill), breastfeeding makes you hungry and thirsty every time (especially these night feeds), and I’d smell like breast milk all day, my flat stomach will turn to a pouch, my nipples with hurt sometimes, newborns eat every 2 hours (mine eats every hour), I’d cry some nights cus of sleep deprivation, I’d love someone so much I’d do this every day”.

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