Owo Church Massacre: Tears Flow During Funeral For Att@ck Victims, Governor Akeredolu And Wife Present (PHOTOS)


At the funeral ceremony for the victims of the June 5th terror assault at the Saint Francis Catholic Church in Owaluwa, Owo, Ondo State Governor Rotimi Akeredolu and his wife, Chief Betty Anyanwu Akeredolu, cried.

On Friday, June 17, a funeral service was conducted at the Mydas Resort and Hotel in Owo.

Governor Akeredolu, who sobbed throughout his statement, said the government failed to safeguard the terror attack victims.

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The Governor emphasized that the warring factions are malevolent and that they will not succeed indefinitely.

“We have failed to defend these people. Not because we have not tried. But because these forces on the other side are evil and they have supports. They will not triumph over us forever.” he said.

The Governor noted that something must be done in the country, adding that the Security architecture of the nation needs rejigging.

“When I see the sea of heads that are here it speaks volumes. What has happened to us in Owo in Ondo state is indescribable. A lot of words are used to qualify it. Dastardly, horrendous. But I still believe there are words to use to describe it but I still short of those words.

“We have just 22 (deceased) in this hall. A few of them have been buried. Because the relatives couldn’t wait till today. But as at the last count, these animals came to the church and murdered 40 people.” Governor Akeredolu said.


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