The untold story of veteran actor, Charles Olumo Agbako who has been battling with sickness for years

100 years old Charles Olumọ popularly known as Agbako is very sick and he has been battling it for years.

In a recent interview with BBC News, Agbako explained that the sickness started years ago, ‘I notice I couldn’t Defecate with ease. This makes one of my sons Took me to the hospital and the doctor said I will have to undergo surgery. ‘

He added that the surgery was done successfully but after some period he began to feel so much pain on the spot he was operated on.

” When I went back to complain they prescribed some drugs to use to reduce the pain and heal the wound ”

“So fast forward to this year, I discover I find it difficult to Defecate again, then I rush to the hospital but it’s so sad I was told the sickness is back and worst because the first surgery was not properly done !”

I have since been on medications to reduce the pain and I have spent a lot.


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