There’s No Love In Marriage – Helen Paul Says As She Explains Why


Comedienne Helen Paul has disclosed that there’s no love in marriage but rather love is in people and the people put that love in their marriages.

Helen Paul decided to address the notion of love being in a marriage by making us understand that there’s no love in marriages but rather the love is in the people who transfer it into their marriages so any marriage without love means the people don’t have love.

Helen Paul then went romantic by hailing her husband for being so conscious and mindful of her saying she has never heard him call her by her name or their children’s name but that is something she has been doing and wants to stop.

According to her, she can never let go of her ATM but he does once in a while and she’s really trying to be romantic but then the playful nature in her is not giving her the chance to do that as she expresses how much she loves him.

Going by what Helen Paul said, any marriage that doesn’t have love means it’s the people in the marriage that don’t have love because there’s no love in marriage but rather the people in the marriage put the love inside.

screenshot below;

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