Two unemployed ladies hit the streets of Lagos to beg for job

Two young Nigerian ladies actively job hunting have taken to the streets of Lagos to seek for employment.

They were spotted each holding a placard with their phone numbers boldly written and a wrote-up which stated that they are graduates.

A man named Mike Adesh, who shared their photos on Twitter said he spotted them along Eko hotel road in Lagos state.

The words on their cardboards read; ”I am a graduate. I need a job”

Mke posted their images with the caption; ”Saw this ladies along eko hotel road, kindly Rt their employer might be on your TL”

Nigerians on the micro-blogging platform gave suggestions on ways that would have gotten employers interested.

@Ayo_bami007; The problem is there is no Job in the country.!! So many qualified candidates and no job. We need more technical universities, more raw materials to play around with. Our Lecturers needs to do better, stop dictating notes to us and show us how it’s done.

@bnbs_a; Email is better than phone number… a lot of animals would start calling for another thing

@Gideon9ite1; No offense, these 2 are unserious, they even get time dey customize shirt find job.

@iSlimfit; Nice idea but poor execution. A barcode leading to their LinkedIn profile would have been better. That way, anyone could easily snap & scan, read their profile/qualifications and reach out. Or simply put their LinkedIn NAME on the cardboard.

@Coach_Loveth; They have a phone, internet connection and they’re doing this?

Instead of learning a digital skill or online business. They are not serious yet

@amb_olatunji; I believe It should have been something like ” I am a data Scientist. I need a Job. 070…” or ” I can predict your organization income in 3-6 years, hire me. 070..” A catch phrase sha. God pls help them locate their helper.

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