Why you should avoid first daughters if you’re still a man starting life – Counselor advises men, netizens react

relationship therapist has counseled men starting life to avoid dating first daughters.

The man, identified as John Doe, alludes that first daughters usually experience a lot of pressure from their families and thus, wouldn’t wait, or won’t be willing to wait for a man to make it.

He advises men to steer clear of first daughters, save for first daughters who come from a comfortable family.

He wrote:

“I married the last child of a large Tamlly. She’s barely 2 yrs younger.

I was able to date her for 9 yrs before i could do that.

She had no family pressure whatsoever. She waited.

Avoid 1st daughters if you’re still a man starting life.

Except her family is comfortable.


His submission has garnered a negative reception from netizens;

uchejennifer999 wrote: “Dating someone’s daughter for 9years..you should be arrested”

teeto__olayeni wrote: “Today it’s first daughter’s @ Tomorrow it’s single mothers Next tomorrow it’s under 25 girls It’s always one person. Una no dey tire??????”

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