Young woman married into family of many girls gives birth to three boys

A Nigerian woman has shared a beautiful story about how she became a symbol of something new in the family.

She just welcomed a set of triplets which are all boys and it gladdened her heart as well as that of family members.

According to the new mum known as Favour Amos, the joy is most due to the fact that she married into a family of many girls.


In a video uploaded online, she showed off her babies as her family rallied around to celebrate with her.

She gave glory to God in the caption while women on social media who were intrigued by her case began to tap into her blessings, asking God to bless them the same way.

A part of the video clip showed Favour’s family gathering to celebrate the baby boys who are seen as blessings. She could be seen holding the children while singing and dancing in much happiness.


Watch the video below:


Glory To God 🙏

♬ original sound – Sini

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