Yr brain no work ni- Bigvai Jokotoye tells fan who told him to leave America to campaign Yoruba nation

Nigerian actor Bigvai Jokotoye blasted a man who told him to stop clamoring/campaigning for separation of Nigeria from his America and come back to lead by example.

It all started when cried out, and angrily place curses on those who made Nigeria bad.

Reacting to this, Bigvai Jokotoye took to the comment section call for separation as usual, he wrote:

Only separation can save Nigeria, too many ethnic groups are living a forced live together, Nigeria will remain like this forever. #yorubanation

A fan react to his comment and wrote:

Hello Mr u can’t be in American and be clamouring/campaigning for separations of Nigeria from your comfort zone, if tru Ely you really want Nigerians going their sépara ways can you kindly leave your comfort zone (America) and come back to Nigeria and lead by example Mofos

He further replied back, he wrote:

@fikayomi2124 ur brain no work ni, please, leave me with my opinion and go to h*ll for all I care……Your APC presidential candidate was in London when Abacha was dealing with Nigeria, nobody complained. So, what’s your business with where I live? I should leave my family to come and defend your linking ass? Park well jare and let me be. My comment didn’t insult anybody, if you can’t use your brain to make a polite response, then rest.

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